Exciting Collaborative Work with Matthew Knight Retreats

6 months ago, we had the privilege to have met health coach Matt Knight and got to know about his passion for health retreats. This might seem a little unusual for a design brand to work with fitness professional. Truth is apart from our passion for designs, we've always been keen on the idea of fitness and mindfulness, as we've always believed that both beautiful designs will enhance our mental health, which works as an external factor. However internal works on our mind and body are just as important, if not more. We'd love to introduce the concept of 'wellbeing' to our customers and hopefully more people will have the understanding of importance of physical exercises, nutrition and mindfulness.

Currently they have weekend health retreats at Stoke Rochford Hall in Grantham, Lincolnshire, fitness and mindfulness retreats in Peak District and holistic retreats in Athens. It will be a great opportunity to explore nature, know more about healthy eating as well as mindfulness and Yoga practices.

Check out their website: Matthew Knight: Your Health Retreat Apart from information about their great retreats, you will also learn much about workouts and meditations.

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